When I saw her hair appeared a wild desire to cut their hair as short as possible.Don`t now why.


During the whole week trying to make some pictures of my self, but I always forgot the camera at home.New leather jacket from TopShop,new boots,sweaters,shirts...-  every thing is so loved by me) But unfortunately in Moscow is not so cold to wear it all the way i want.Waiting for cold days)


Обожаю журналы.Этакие мини-энциклопедии.Читать почему-то начинаю с конца.Люблю запах новых страниц.Легкий способ забыться без использования запрещенных препаратов)
P.S.В ашане видела журналы из разных стран,было дикое желание их купить,но платить за них утроенную стоимость я не была готова.Занимаюсь подготовкой)
English: I love magazines. They are like a mini encyclopedias. I always start to read them from the end.
I love the smell of new pages. Easy way to forget about their problems.